Essays No One Asked For

Sometimes, you get an idea that just sticks in your head. Sometimes, those ideas aren’t anything that’s appropriate for discussing with whoever’s nearby. In those instances, I like to dash to the nearest computer and start writing.

The drawback to working like that is that, in the heat of the moment, I’m so wrapped up in how awesome my ideas are, that I forget to link them here. So. There’s that.

6 Gotcha Questions

Beethoven The Bodhisattva

Bullet Reviews

Concerning Insanity

The December Post


The Difference Between Standoffish and Reserved


Fun With Interview Questions

The Horrors of Writing

How to: Have Fun at Work!

How To: Ruin Your Writer-Editor Relationship!

How To: Make friends!

The Importance of Documentation

In Which I Say Thanks to a Dead Man

Moving to The South

My Prose Resume

Nearly Drowning

On Disassociation

On The Infinitely Useful Towel

Open Letter Regarding Conversations in the Restroom

On Spider-Man As A Minority

The Origin of Neuroses

Things I’ve Learned – School Pride

Twenty-Five Songs for Leaving Places

On The Tea Party

On Risk, Pt. 1

On Risk, Pt. 2

On Risk, Pt. 3

On Risk, Pt. 4

On Risk, Pt. 5

Ophiuchus, The Bird-Killer

Stupid Things I Said Last Week

The Third

Thoughts on Deadpool and Comics

Thoughts on Last Night’s Events

The Wisdom Teeth Experience

When I Grow Up…

Why The Last Thing We Need Is A Fundamentalist President

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