Freelance & Reviews

A few years ago, I considered starting up a side gig as a freelance writer. Now, living in Portland and breathing in the creativity in the air (or maybe the lack of fluoride in the water [seriously, what’s up with that?]), I think it’s about time.

I’m working on the details, laying out the groundwork. In the meantime, I’ve condensed this page because it was in dire, dire need of some changes.

You can find my review work at Bullet Reviews. Essentially, if it’s a book, and I could get my hands on it, I read it.

My comic script work is – largely – unpublished. But, a while back, I worked with Jonathan Lim to bring a few small comic scripts to life. They’re listed below in no particular order:

Denim Trousers – Mr. The Batman

Denim Trousers – The Real Story of Yeshua Herschel ben Yosef Christ

Denim Trousers – Tour of America: Nashville, TN

Denim Trousers – Tour of America: Appalachia

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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