It has been a very, very busy few weeks, which is why – for one reason – I haven’t updated this site. The other reasons range from laziness to completely forgetting that this thing exists.

One thing I’ve learned over the past two and a half months is that, if we are truly out of the recession, instead of just dangling over the edge of it, then this unemployment we’re witnessing is the new reality. It is, in other words, the new American economy. Business are both holding on to tons of cash and hiring for a lot of positions. But I get ahead of myself.

So, one of the awesome things that’s happened was that I’ve been published. Again! Twice, even! The first one is something that’s been in the works for several months. My version of the Never Sleep Guide to Nashville, which focuses on some bars you might not expect coming from me, will be out on Playboy’s iOS app at a future date. Don’t have it nailed down yet, but they paid me, so I’m guessing that means they’re going to publish it.

The second piece was “My Dog, The Dybbuk,” accepted for publication by Danse Macabre. You may know this mag as the one that’s published a couple of my other stories. “Rocks And Hot Dogs” and “Turned Away,” specifically. The editor keeps accepting the stories, so that means I’m doing something right. Now, I could use this as a platform to talk about why I think self-publishing is a bad route for many authors, and how it’s damaging to the art form as a whole, but I won’t do that. Firstly, because that’s not what this post is about. Secondly, because most people who read this probably don’t care.


Before I hit up the big news, I’d like to say that I think I found a long-lost Simon. His name is Anatoliy, he runs a really kickass shoe repair business, and it’s chilling how much we look alike. Give that dude a beard and a flat cap and we could be brothers. He slapped a new rubber sole on my Rockport walking shoes, and I’m super freaking happy about that.

And, the big news: I got a job! Yes, I beat Portland by going around Portland and in to Beaverton! Specifically, a company called CDI Corp, doing web content/QA work for Intel. My job title as listed in the offer is QA/Web Editor, but according to the rest of the team, there needs to be at least four more forward slashes in that to adequately describe the job.

It’s at a pretty solid wage, at a decent location, and bennies! More importantly, it’s a damn good way to start on the tech writing/web management path. I figure I’ll keep on learning code on the side, learn frameworks as I go along, and see where I’m at in a few years. 

Most of all, though, I’m pretty damn grateful for all the support of my family over the past few months. Undertaking a tectonic shift like moving across the country and into a new industry, you’d hopefully assume that your family would have your back, but that’s sometimes not the case. I’ve met a few people who’ve had some severe issues crop up as a result of something much less than this, and it really makes you appreciate people having your back. 

All my friends, though? They suck. Terrible people. Every single one of them. Worthless, lazy, nogoodnik, sonsabitches who routinely revel in the demise of everything that is good and decent in the world.

Which brings me to a closing piece of advice: Peanut butter is your best friend, ever. Yeah, it might get boring after a while, but that shit’ll feed you for a while. Coming off of two and a half months of unemployment diet, it’s a good feeling to go out and buy some chicken, cook it, and make it all fancy with veggies.