Denim Trousers – Tour of America

I have a lot of ideas throughout the course of the day. Most of them are pretty crappy, but I write/say them anyway.

For example, I thought it would be a great idea for Jon Lim to draw a series of comics about the origins of stereotypes. Then I started writing them and realized that they were nothing more than the deranged ideas of a man desperately in need of coffee.

But then, as happens from time to time, I came up with a much, much better idea. I’d take the Brits (amongst whom Jon Lim currently resides) on a tour of America; to the places between NYC and L.A. In other words: Flyover Country.

Because, you see, the U.S. is a huge place with a whole lotta people in it. And these people are wide and varied–and that’s not just referring to their waistbands!

So, in a long-spanning series of a disgusting amount of comics, Denim Trousers and Simontek Studios present a Tour of America.

Nashville, TN

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