Bullet Reviews – The Dewey Decimal System


I’m really bad at this whole getting-things-up-on-the-website thing, but the good news is that there are only three subscribers. Also, I know all of them and usually spam their facebook news feeds, so no big loss.

Still, for posterity.

My review of The Dewey Decimal System went up at Bullet Reviews on Monday. It was a fun read, and Nathan Larson built a really cool world to write in. The bad thing was that the book was over so fast that the characters didn’t feel as developed as they could have been.

Still, worth a read. Check it out.

Bullet Reviews – Ender’s Game

I probably should have posted this yesterday, but after a four hour flight whilst hungover and on four hours’ sleep from the Fischer-Bell wedding, I barely had the mental fortitude to post the damn thing when I got back into Nashville.

However, the good news is that I won’t be that sloppy in the future: We have a scheduling feature! And I’m actually getting an e-mail account for the website! Hopefully, this means I can get some hate mail to dissect and toss up on this website. (Hear that, crazy Australians? Get on it.)

Anyway, I read Ender’s Game and reviewed it over at Bullet Reviews. Have a look, haveĀ  a think, and leave a comment.

Bullet Reviews – Broke

My review for the pointless waste of time called BROKE is up over at Bullet Reviews.


That said, there might be a new post coming your way in the next few days, depending on whether or not McSweeney’s rejects it outright, as I expect them to. It’s an open letter to people who try to talk in the restroom.