Trapped Pigeons

From: Leeane Hickum

Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 9:30 AM
Subject: Trapped Pigeons


Hi everyone,

They did a repair on the building across the street.  Part of the façade had been missing for a while.  Well they trapped pigeons in the building and they are flying up to the window trying to get out.  It is freaking me out – does anyone have any suggestions?  I went across the street yesterday and told the young lady working the counter and she said that she would tell the owner…..?


Leeane Hickum

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

On Spider-Man As A Minority

With great power, my friend. With great power.

I could take this time to comment on the coming implosion of capitalism as corporate America hires less and less people and makes more and more profit. Or I could use this space as a way to discuss the worrying trend of having a Presidential candidate whose husband is so closeted he needs a walk-in.

But I’m not going to.

I’m going to talk about comics. Because in a world this batshit insane, in a climate this crazy, it seems like Marvel Comics is the sanest thing around.

See, while the company has recently developed the eyebrow-raising maneuver of revealing major spoilers to the mainstream media, seeing a bunch of people who habitually wear capes and are famous because of their alcoholism and psychotic breaks makes more sense than this shit.

Last night, I saw Man of La Mancha. While I’m still ambivalent towards musicals, there was a great bit of dialogue in it where Cervantes has a mini-monologue about how the world is so horrible that, sometimes, diving into a world of fantasy is the only sane thing to do. I’m inclined to agree with him. The country–and definitely the world–seem to be spiraling to a point where we almost need a deity of some sort to pop down to Earth, smack us in the face, and go, “No.”

So I turn to comics and video games when I get too tired of hearing about the shit going down in Washington, The Hague, or, oh yeah, Somalia. And, you know, it’s all good. The most controversy there seems to be in the comics world is what’s up with Supes wearing jeans.

That is, until Glenn Beck apparently hears about what Joe Quesada and the rest of Marvel are doing.

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The Rapture Is Coming

There’s no category for this post, mainly because I try not to simply repost material as I find it on the Internet, but this is too good.

There are a bunch of billboards in Nashville that are proclaiming that Christ’s return to Earth will be on 21st of May, 2011. (You can read The Tennessean article here.) Now, Nashville has some interesting billboards. One of them had a photo of President Obama shaking hands with President Chavez of Venezuela, underneath, the words “End Socialism. Vote Republican.”

But this, in my mind, raises some interesting questions. Questions about the fundamentalist movement’s rejection of basic theology, yet its creation of its own brand? Yes. Concerns about evangelical Christianity’s concerns about the planet vs. getting beamed up to Heaven? Yes. Queries about how many of these preachers know the verse about the Rapture not being predicted by humans? Yes. But, really, all of those questions are bullshit. And they’re boring questions that would lead to serious debate about theological topics in the modern Christian church – and if you’ve read this blog/online portfolio, you probably know I don’t like seriousness.

My question is simple: If the Christ is returning on May 21st, 2011; and Quetzalcoatl is ushering in a new era for Earth on December 21st, 2012; then what about the rest of the religions? When is the Jewish Messiah coming? How about Ragnarok? What about all of the tribal religions now forgotten? When does everyone else get their love, huh?

Answer me that, Jesus! Answer me that, Quetzalcoatl!

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