Treatments and Scripts

Hai thar.

So MTV and Stan Lee have a contest going on. The ultimate prize is to work on a script for a series with The Generalissimo himself. Now, as you may have been able to pick up, I care about comics. More so, if you’ve known me for more than a day, you’ve probably heard me shout “Excelsior!” at least once. So, it goes without saying that I’m going to be entering the contest.

In fact, I plan on working on my script entry in moments.

It’s an interesting learning process, though. I’ve only tried to write a treatment once, for the Justice Trio comic I pitched to Dark Horse and never heard back about. [Shakes fist in generic rage.] I know, it’s basically a summary, but it’s all professional-sounding and whatnot. A bit daunting, that: thinking of myself as trying to be a professional writer. Sure, I’ve sold stories in the past, but the pay’s been just enough to splurge at Wendy’s. Then again, I suppose it’s all relative.

Anyway, I’m putting the treatment after the break. It’s based on Lee’s own treatment, and I think I’m going to have some fun working on the script for the contest, which you can view at the link above.

Whaddya think? Good stuff? Bad stuff? Will my writing always be destined to lurk in sub-obscurity?



The Seekers is a sci-fi, spy- and adventure-themed series focusing on the premise that we are not alone in the galaxy, and that races older than ours may not like the way humanity has turned out.

Plot-wise, an alien race known as the Gnollos, hail from a long-destroyed planet. The Gnollos, having evacuated their home before it was destroyed by war, colonized a small, deep-blue colored Earth-like world. From this world, the Gnollos have made it their mission to observe life as it develops throughout the galaxy. When life is deemed “intelligent” on a planet, the Gnollos send out teams of agents known as “Seekers.” The Seekers are charged with the mission of planting a doomsday deep within the crust of a planet and, when those intelligent forms reach the stage in their development when they are capable of creating weapons of mass destruction, deciding whether or not their progress constitutes a threat to other worlds.

Around the time when homo sapiens began creating tools, a group of Seekers arrived on the planet Earth and began planting the doomsday device and the various keys used to activate the weapon. After the first stage of their mission was complete, the Seekers went into a slumber in their chambers spread across the globe, set to awaken when humanity reached the WMD stage of technological development.

And now, in the present era, Seekers are beginning to awaken around the world. They are individuals, varied in their personalities, quirks, and ultimate goals, just as humans. As they awaken, they begin to interact with humanity and, from there, conspiracy theory groups are formed that believe the governments in the United Nations are working with Seekers to turn the world into a fascist (or communist, depending on who you talk to) paradise. The governments themselves, at the start, are just as in the dark as the readers; though once the Seekers begin to make their presence known, the United States Armed Forces create a joint agency known only as “Section P” to track and capture the aliens.

Over the course of the series, the Seekers fracture from one coherent group to a series of factions with goals as varied as judging the human race fairly to enslaving the planet and starting a war with the planetary base of the Gnollos, all while blending in with and observing humanity.

The series focuses on three specific factions that alternately work with and against each other. While they’ve been discussed in brief above, we’re going to look at them a bit more in depth. The first are two independent humans, ARTHUR NORDEN and JENNIFER HART.

Arthur Norden was once a famous archeologist known for his work on ancient sites in the American Southwest and Central America, as well as a crack ability to translate dead languages to a fluent modern English. His downward spiral started while excavating a recently-found cave system in the wastes of Death Valley. His team, funded by several East-coast universities were in the cave and had just come upon what seemed to be an amazingly intact tomb when the site caved in, claiming the lives of the members of his expedition. Norden claimed that the cave-in was triggered by a mysterious figure burrowing up from the depths, but he was shouted down and lost funding. Since the incident, Norden has found backing from conspiracy theorists who believe that he came across an alien being.

Jennifer Hart is a correspondent for the media conglomerate, the World News Network. While she excels at her job as an on-air reporter, Hart feels that she’s cast as a fluff-piece correspondent because of her striking looks. Fed up with being sent to cat shows and firefighter barbeques, Hart decides to strike it out on her own and track down the reclusive archeologist, Arthur Norden in the desert. She believes that there’s more to his story than what’s been portrayed by her company (mainly, a wild-eyed, disheveled Indiana Jones-wannabe with a loose grasp on reality), and is determined to follow Norden along in his journey to uncover just what happened under Death Valley.

The Seekers, at the start of the series, are a small group made up of agents spread across the United States. Indistinguishable from humans aside from the glowing, jeweled bracelet-computers on their right arms, the Seekers begin appearing in places from Las Vegas, to Des Moines, to New York City. They report to a being known as The Gatherer, a tall, thin, and serious-looking male Gollos whose job it is to lead the collection of the keys to the doomsday device in the event that the human race is judged to be too destructive to survive. Competing for his sympathies are the various Seekers around the world, who have their own agendas and need The Gatherer in order to enact their plans.

The rest of the human focus will be on the members of the government agency, Section P. Section P, short for Paranormal Hunters, was set up by the military once credible rumors began circulating of individuals with incredible strength, speed, and intelligence. The human agents are charged by their agency with initially analyzing the movements and sightings of these individuals, and then capturing them for further analysis at the base of operation for Section P, a short, squat building in the Arizona desert known as Building 18. Section P is sort of a gray hat in the series’ progression. While they have no qualms about arresting and detaining human citizens and pumping them for information, their ethos is that they act for the protection of mankind against the potential paranormal threat. It should come as no surprise, then, that Norden, Hart, and their occasional alien allies butt heads with Section P.

Norden and Hart join up to hunt down the clues that they believe will lead them to the reason for the aliens’ presence on the planet Earth. Along the way, they ally themselves with sympathetic Seekers who have warmed up with humanity can provide vital insights into the locations of the keys around the world. Their journey leads them to infiltrate the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility; tunnel underneath one of the busiest airports in the world; break into a national museum to retrieve a key on display as an artifact; and in the middle of some of the most closely guarded casinos in the world. They must evade capture and interrogation by the mysterious Section P as well as attempt to give the Seekers a reason to decide that humanity is worth keeping around—or destroying in the name of the safety of the galaxy.

The series balances on the human duo’s ability to solve the problems posed by Earth’s shifting crust and find all of the keys and clues to the location of the doomsday device, as well as sway the Seekers to the side of the humans. It will have a lot to say about human history and the good and bad side of what it means to be a person. In the background of all of this is the shadowy Gatherer. Will the Gatherer end up being an entity to be feared, or a silent friend of mankind?

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