Treatments and Scripts

Hai thar.

So MTV and Stan Lee have a contest¬†going on. The ultimate prize is to work on a script for a series with The Generalissimo himself. Now, as you may have been able to pick up, I care about comics. More so, if you’ve known me for more than a day, you’ve probably heard me shout “Excelsior!” at least once. So, it goes without saying that I’m going to be entering the contest.

In fact, I plan on working on my script entry in moments.

It’s an interesting learning process, though. I’ve only tried to write a treatment once, for the Justice Trio comic I pitched to Dark Horse and never heard back about. [Shakes fist in generic rage.] I know, it’s basically a summary, but it’s all professional-sounding and whatnot. A bit daunting, that: thinking of myself as trying to be a professional writer. Sure, I’ve sold stories in the past, but the pay’s been just enough to splurge at Wendy’s. Then again, I suppose it’s all relative.

Anyway, I’m putting the treatment after the break. It’s based on Lee’s own treatment, and I think I’m going to have some fun working on the script for the contest, which you can view at the link above.

Whaddya think? Good stuff? Bad stuff? Will my writing always be destined to lurk in sub-obscurity?

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