Gilles Glod and Iron Man

Gilles Glod is a friend of mine from an incredibly small country called Luxemborgialand. He’s a great photographer, shot The Attack of The Weretimberwolf-Hybrid, and refused payment when I tried to give him money. Hey, whatever, his loss.

Anyway, soon after I finished playing around in Fiddler On The Roof, he asked me if I wanted to model for him. I’d be helping him with a contest about rejected movie posters, and, what’s more, I would be playing Tony Stark and The Silver Surfer. What self-respecting nerd would say no? Anywhat, this is the end result, and, though he didn’t end up winning the contest, we both learned something: The organizers of the contest are troglodytes for not truly appreciating the insanity.

The Vampire Corps

Because I compulsively write, I churned out the sequel to The Attack of The Weretimberwolf-Hybrid in a few days.

It is a simple story: In the wake of the Weretimberwolf-Hybrid’s release into the United States, the beast has begun killing everyone in sight. Faced with failure, General Falcon has committed suicide and 5-Star General Hawker has gone insane.

The case was turned over to a special NATO tribunal made up of two mysterious generals named Penguin and Pelican, who convince Hawk to unleash another secret weapon: The Vampire Corps. But can the blood suckers be trusted?

This, of course, falls under the realm of stuff I’d really like to make.

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