The Twilight Review

Me as I read this book

A few brief things:

  • This is not the full review. That’ll be up on Bullet Reviews tomorrow–by which I mean past noon on the 26th.
  • This is rife with spoilers, but if you care about the integrity of Twilight‘s plot, then I have no respect for you.
  • This is not a traditional review, but the traditional review would be roughly equivalent of the Nazis melting as they open the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Reading this book drove me to drink more than anything else ever has or ever will.

The Positives:

Meyer really does a good job of nailing despicable teenage angst.

The Negatives

Everything so far is a sarcastic riff about life how shitty Bella’s “self-imposed exile” is. My question is: Why is this self-imposed? What thought process led to you moving somewhere you knew you’d hate when you didn’t have to?

When Charlie, her father, steps aside to show all the family pictures around the house. Bella: Easy to see that he never got over my Mom; silly man and his emotions!!!!!!!! LOL ;P

Bella is confused that there aren’t metal detectors at her new high school. Did Bella go to South Central L.A., Phoenix, Arizona? Nope, she went to the really super nice part of town (evidenced by the prevalence of Porsches in the parking lot – that had metal detectors at its high school.)

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Bullet Review – Risk

Ever wonder what the chances are that you’ll be killed by terrorists? Turns out they’re less than you smothering yourself in your sleep.

Also, the media is full of crap, but you knew that. As book reviewer of a small website, I’m fortunate enough to be able to choose books that interest me as subjects. For a couple of weeks, I’ve been looking at a book called Risk by a Canadian journalist named Dan Gardner. It’s about all the lovely ways the media and politicians capitalize and increase fear to save their own skins–and how people tend to react to such things so as to fuel the fire.

Check out my review, but, even better, go pick up the book and enlighten yourself. It’s about the least you can do.