Bullet Reviews – Pastoralia

My review of George Saunders’s Pastoralia is up over at Bullet Reviews.

A quick word about the website: We’re growing. Like a big ball of moss rolling down a hill composed entirely of moss which, upon contact with moss, acts like Velcro.

That’s how fast we’re growing.

If you’d like to be a part of it, now’s your opportunity:

As I’ve been told, the competition for book reviews is pretty slack. (Apparently, no one reads.) Along with myself, we’ve got a thoroughly British man going by the moniker of ESPF, and the occasional talents of sci-fi obsessed Michael Trimmer. If you read, and you fall outside the genres of “adventure,” Soviet-themed stuff, or… well, hell, even if you intersect with those two (note to self: Write a Soviet adventure novel), let me know if you’d like to write an occasional guest review or two.

Drop me a line at aaroncsimon[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested and we’ll have a brief chat in which I ascertain that you hate Jane Austen as blindly and zealously as I. I’m sure we’ll get along fine.

Bullet Reviews – Ender’s Game

I probably should have posted this yesterday, but after a four hour flight whilst hungover and on four hours’ sleep from the Fischer-Bell wedding, I barely had the mental fortitude to post the damn thing when I got back into Nashville.

However, the good news is that I won’t be that sloppy in the future: We have a scheduling feature! And I’m actually getting an e-mail account for the website! Hopefully, this means I can get some hate mail to dissect and toss up on this website. (Hear that, crazy Australians? Get on it.)

Anyway, I read Ender’s Game and reviewed it over at Bullet Reviews. Have a look, haveĀ  a think, and leave a comment.