Shameless Self Promotion

Though I’m sure the recent upsurge in hits is an anomaly and will shortly be rectified, with my daily pageviews hovering comfortably around two or three, it would be profoundly stupid not to leap upon this opportunity for self-promotion like Gene Simmons.

See, I do other things than lurk around here and post bullshit that a few people read and, surprisingly, don’t hit me with hate mail for one reason or another. (Although I’d welcome it; hate mail is hilarious.)

For instance: I run another blog that’s periodically updated. It’s a long-winded version of my year in England, and, about a year and a half after starting it, I’m not halfway done with it.

For another instance: I review stuff that’s distracting me.

For another instance: I deluge a friend with comic scripts. Sometimes he draws them. Regardless, he does great work, and his style is kinda like punk show posters, which is pretty friggen cool.



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