Mr The Bat-Man (via Denim Trousers)

Huhzah! Another thing to toss up on the Aaron on Demand section.

This comes from my deep nerdery and my very, very brief stint (read: one trial lesson) teaching at a school in Sittingbourne in Southeast England. One of those ideas that just clicked, really.

No man is an island, and no writer works alone–especially when it comes to comics. Jon’s great to work with. This was as much a collaborative effort as anything else I’ve ever done. Look out for some more comics from Denim Trousers and myself!

Mr The Bat-Man Mr The Bat-Man by Aaron C Simon WARNING: THIS COMIC IS NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED* \\ All right! It’s finally done! This has been one heck of a comic to try and draw. I’m not sure why, either; it’s a simple-enough concept. Panel Nine was the most difficult to draw, but also the most rewarding. You might notice that as the comic progresses, my inking gets slightly better each panel. That’s because I’m still learning how to ink with a brush. Wel … Read More

via Denim Trousers

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