Hey! Go read a thing!

First: It seems like every time I pop on this site to make a post (you know, every six months to two years), WordPress has changed the formatting in a way specifically designed to make me want to use it less and less. I guess all I want is a Word document that posts to the Internet, not… whatever this is.

Anyway, you should go read this article: https://catvalente.substack.com/p/stop-talking-to-each-other-and-start It’s a wonderful breakdown of what we lose whenever social media companies turn fully ravenous and start consuming their user bases in the name of more and more ad revenue.

And, further, you should go check out Cory Doctorow’s https://pluralistic.net/.

That’s it. Go and read.


One thought on “Hey! Go read a thing!

  1. Hey honey,

    I saw this a couple of days ago. I don’t get on gmail very much. I am trying to connect my printer to print it. Now My DNS server isn’t responding.


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