Adventures in Coding, Pt 1

Oooooooh no.

I had a 700-word post drawn up in Word detailing my reasons for learning HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails and then, contrary to my belief that hitting Ctrl+C meant that I’d copied it all, it all went away. Into the aether.

I tried to paste it, was greeted with nothing, and went “Oh, no.”

So, the nitty gritty:

Learning HTML, CSS, and RoR because (apparently) it’s hard to get a job without some skills other than “I write good.” While I’m not great at these languages by any means (having just picked them up in April), I know enough about HTML and CSS to work up a website, can upload it to a web host, all that jazz.

“But Aaron,” you may say, “what about Javascript?” Well, that’s coming. My uncle, sent me a link to a series of YouTube videos on front-end development he made with some other dudes, and Javascript’s included in that – so Javascript’s a-comin. In the meantime, though, I received a coupon for a Ruby on Rails course at One Month Rails and figured now’s as good a time as any to pick it up.

So far it’s good, but mind-boggling. Any ideas why I can’t launch Sublime Text from Terminal, even though I type in the file path followed by “~bin/subl”? No? Ah well.

Anyway, it’s going well. Excited about it, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming lessons.

So much going on!

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