A Brief Apology to Everyone in… well, everyone

Er, look. I was pretty caught up in the Rapture thing, so sorry to everyone in Nashville who I might have run across.

Sorry for the:

  • Obscenities
  • Blood
  • Alcohol
  • More Blood
  • More Alcohol
  • Lots More Obscenities
  • All of the People I Told to Screw Off
  • All of the Shops I Stole From
  • All of the Cars I Keyed
  • Breaking Into Sherith Israel and Shouting “ANARCHY!”

Just… everything.

Bullet Reviews – The Dewey Decimal System


I’m really bad at this whole getting-things-up-on-the-website thing, but the good news is that there are only three subscribers. Also, I know all of them and usually spam their facebook news feeds, so no big loss.

Still, for posterity.

My review of The Dewey Decimal System went up at Bullet Reviews on Monday. It was a fun read, and Nathan Larson built a really cool world to write in. The bad thing was that the book was over so fast that the characters didn’t feel as developed as they could have been.

Still, worth a read. Check it out.

Publication Updates

And updates in general:

  • I’m not dead. There’s no real reason for me to post that; I just like to throw it out there whenever possible. I’m not dead. The Reaper hasn’t found me yet.
  • “Adam’s Story” will, indeed, be published by The Library of Horror Press in their Groanology 2: Monsters, Madness, and Mayhem anthology. Signed the contract last month, and it’ll be up for sale within the year. I’ll post another update long after the fact whenever I get an actual date.
  • “My Dog The Dybbuk,” formerly The Littlest Dybbuk, will be in an anthology titled The Bride of The Golem. Don’t have any details on it yet, as the editor is setting the anthology and–it appears–jetsetting. You check out his blog here. Updates to come whenever I get them.
  • Working on the rough draft of my second novel. It’ll either be called THE LONG SCHLEP or I FEEL FINE. (Or, possibly SECOND.) The premise is a group of Jews flee the South as the end-of-the-world myths of every major religion occur at the same time.
  • Work over at Bullet Reviews continues to go swimmingly. Getting a decent response from publishers, and it feels pretty damn neat, getting stuff in the mail and being like “I AM A QUASI-PROFESSIONAL!”