Complaining is verbohten.

After seeing this story, I’ve realized that I complain about stuff too much. And the things about which I complain are so minuscule and unimportant that, after reading about a guy who spent 30 years in jail (in Texas, of course–TEXAS REPRESENT!), I think back on everything and think, “I am a schmuck.”

For example, this morning after finishing the workload on my desk, I embarked on a netwide hunt to try and speed up Angry Birds. This started me thinking about how it sucked that I was on Virgin Mobile and they hadn’t rolled out the FroYo update on my phone yet. Then I started thinking about how it sucked that I wasn’t making enough money to have my own plan on Verizon after paying all the bills and yadda yadda.

It’s easy to look at that paragraph and think that I’m a materialistic schlub, as no doubt some of you (read: all one reader) have thought. However, think about how many times you wished your iPhone or car or computer or whatever was faster. Then, think about how much you’d rather have a slow gadget than spend 30 years in jail in Texas after being wrongfully convicted of rape.

Yep. Puts it in perspective.

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