The Rapture Is Coming

There’s no category for this post, mainly because I try not to simply repost material as I find it on the Internet, but this is too good.

There are a bunch of billboards in Nashville that are proclaiming that Christ’s return to Earth will be on 21st of May, 2011. (You can read The Tennessean article here.) Now, Nashville has some interesting billboards. One of them had a photo of President Obama shaking hands with President Chavez of Venezuela, underneath, the words “End Socialism. Vote Republican.”

But this, in my mind, raises some interesting questions. Questions about the fundamentalist movement’s rejection of basic theology, yet its creation of its own brand? Yes. Concerns about evangelical Christianity’s concerns about the planet vs. getting beamed up to Heaven? Yes. Queries about how many of these preachers know the verse about the Rapture not being predicted by humans? Yes. But, really, all of those questions are bullshit. And they’re boring questions that would lead to serious debate about theological topics in the modern Christian church – and if you’ve read this blog/online portfolio, you probably know I don’t like seriousness.

My question is simple: If the Christ is returning on May 21st, 2011; and Quetzalcoatl is ushering in a new era for Earth on December 21st, 2012; then what about the rest of the religions? When is the Jewish Messiah coming? How about Ragnarok? What about all of the tribal religions now forgotten? When does everyone else get their love, huh?

Answer me that, Jesus! Answer me that, Quetzalcoatl!

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