On Ill-Gotten Gains

We had a “Big Meeting” yesterday. It’s just what it seems: A big meeting consisting of everyone in our division getting together and hearing about the ways our role is continuously shrinking due to the state slowly moving towards a libertarian paradise where no one is given help.

(Pro-tip: If you’re old, sick, poor, or have kids, don’t live in Tennessee. Otherwise, it’s great.)

At one point during the meeting, someone brought up a point about how certain, unnamed organizations are possibly profiting off their unethical modes of operation. As I work in social work, and this work tends to attract semi-idealists (the polar opposite of the business world, where, in order to be a success, one must be a douchenozzle), the entire gathered mass expressed their dismay in one way or another. Generally speaking, this meant calling the unnamed organizations “douchenozzle,” or some variant thereof.

However, one person shouted, “I’ts that Satan money, I’m tellin ya.”

As very little in these meetings applies to me, I immediately set to sketching a model for Satan money.

And today, after finishing my work like a good employee, I opened up Paint and Picasa and set to work.

This is the result:

Above: The face of profit.

Should go with saying that that’s on a Creative Commons attribution not-for-sale license.

Make it viral, my friends.