The Justice Trio, issue 1 synopsis


So I’m in the kinda-sorta finishing stages of getting this comic series sent off to a couple of publishing houses, and I figured, “Hey, I don’t really share enough of my other projects on this website.” (In case you’re wondering, the final stages of a submission process for me involve taking a shot of whiskey and hurling a sealed manila envelope at the postman, generally while shouting “Here! Take it and be done with it!” Of course, this varies just a little bit when I’m submitting something via e-mail. I have to blind myself then and hope I actually hit “Send.” )

Pic unrelated

Anywho, I figured that I’d go ahead and put this up on the website for archival purposes (cause that sounds fancy). So. Comment on it, I guess? After the jump, though, because I’m not putting it here, that would be absurd.

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